Old Profiles....

What really annoys me is the profiles havent been active in over a month,some have been months,I know because Ive had interest in said females.Are these considered stock profiles? LoL.I just dont like wasting my time checking a profile only to find they havent been active in over a month,Heck if they found someone be courtious enough to delete yourself!
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What! The hide of these people!

They should all be hunted down, rounded up and shot!

That'll teach them!mumbling
That behaviour goes for both male and female...
Never knew it was a waiste of time checking profile.. set ur settings and check those whos online or been here lately... isn´t that possible here?
Then no more waiste of time ...uh... that really sound bad
the girl i met here and be together now , made over a month ,to visit the site ,from the moment i saw her profile.but i was sending her mails and flowers everyday ,until she returned ,saw them and now we r together.applause cool comfort cheers
Why should they delete their profiles? Would you rather that it was MANDATORY you sign in or your profile is deleted? What if they just got busy and will come back later? That's all we need...profile police in yet another form. sad flower
someone needs to police ina, that girl is wild, any volunteers, for around the clock duty.
It's CS that really controls this, and they only have the maximum "online over one month" indicator so no one will know that it may actually be a year or more since that member was active on this site.

The real question is why CS will maintain "extinct" members. And the simple answer is numbers. They can't control those who delete their memberships, but to maintain the big numbers in their membership base, they will maintain extinct members indefinitely. Wouldn't it be a simple matter to automatically delete memberships that have been unused for 6 months?

So whenever you encounter a profile that is over a "month" old, consider that it is probably much longer since that member was on the site.grin
I believe the reason being is people just wait to be contacted by the website saying they have mail. I have several sites I've joined and sometimes it's just to overwhelming to go through all the profiles on each site and so they may just decide to wait to see if someone decides they are worth sending them a note.
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