Behind every screen there is a human being

If two persons are both serious, they must move forward, they should focus on each other, they would have stopped to look, everyone on his side, others on the Internet. The Internet is a trap, some people take it for a game. I'm a little angry against everyone who does not take online dating seriously. I have known women who, after a few emails, I started to attach myself to them, but a few days or weeks later, they leave unexpectedly without explaining the reason for the failure or even say goodbye. It is time that many people know that behind every screen there is a human being with a soul and feelings. Do not let go so that person as if they threw an empty yoghurt pot.
I am angry against the practices of some insensitive people on the Internet. But I'm optimistic and I think there are certainly still people with height of human values.
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Well, just don't be clingy and get real. It's online, you may never know who you're talking to. From what I've experienced it's 99% hookers and 1% genuine people. If you're lucky you find one of those. If not it's no big deal, ignore them. I'd never make myself feel bad because of how somebody treated me online. If they leave it's their loss, accept it and go on with your life. That's too much drama for me...
Thank you for, your wise, recommendations, and your, encouragement, this, to me, allows to see, more clearly, because I, am often disappointed by the attitude of, people who throw the other, like,, handkerchiefs, after usage.I'm sincere, and I, answer, seriously, to those who, take, the, pain,to, write to,me. my, research, is,serious, but nothing appears at the horizon, thank you, Kam.
i agree with u
I too think that is a true assessment of this internet dating. but the same can be said for those men who say they are interested who have 5 or 6 on the go but say you are the only one they chat with too. Yeah right!!! Sure you are! In a pig's arse you are and then they are gone. If they are only interested in gettin into your drawers they are players and not worth losing sleep over or a waste of typing skills on the chat thingy.the same can be said of women who tell a guy they are a model making six figure income and then another hunk comes along and goodbye adios amigos, see you around charlie brown, see ya and so long they are gone and moving on to the next one. everyone does it. however for those serious only people i too think it is rude to at least not reply back and say no thanks.
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