The Kind of Woman I am seeking

The kind of woman I am seeking Is caring, sensitive, and warmhearted. Not critical and rejecting, but accepting and friendly, not looking for a fight, but seeking peace. She wants to be loved and to love. There must be respect between the two of us. Admiration of each other would be important. Honestly in my view, looks do count, and it goes both ways. Would some one want their spouse or LTR, or date to be viewing them as ugly and unattractive. If you had to tell them the truth would you want to tell them they are ugly? I think most would not. but remember beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder. I also require that I treat my Lady right as a Lady should be treated. I hope she can
be serious, and enjoy great humor also, and be the type that brings that side of me out, so we can laugh together. She is the type that deserves the very best that I have to offer her. She is not perfect, and knows it. She also knows I am not perfect.
Yet we can LOVE one another.
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As simplistic as your blog sounds you would not have written this if that were so easy to come by. Maybe people are too busy to get involved, maybe they live too far away and do not want to relocate, and then there are those who have lived alone long enough to appreciate their independence.

You may not get all you want, but at least you may get what you need. wow
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