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My favorite television series has to be "Combat!" The 1962-1967
tv series had much to offer, including my favorite two part episode, "Hills Are For Heroes" an anti war story, and does quite
a lot to get people to thinking. Over their budget, and past time limitations to make this episode, it is a must see. Many other episodes are of the highest quality television ever produced. Going into the second season, it seems to me the series settled into it's routine of stories with lessons in life, and about people and how people work. It is also highly entertaining as well. I hope the public will continue to learn
and grow in themselves as they have for decades now.
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This one I never saw. I do remember, as a little one, enjoying "Rat Patrol". All I remember now, is that they roamed around the desert on jeeps with guns fighting Nazi tanks.
But, back then, I was into it.
I was a fan of "combat" series..

Vic Morrow (as sergeant) and Rick Jason (as lieutenant)
if I remember well..
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i used to watch reruns of that show all the time. been looking for it on dvd the entire seasons. vic morrow was great in that show shame he died filming the twilight zone. which was also excellent .thumbs up cheers
Never watched that, but I am a war buff. Especially the Cival War and WWII. Just unbelievable, some of the history and battles of them. Favotite movies: "Glory" and "'When trumpets flare". Oh! and of course "Gettysburg". I met a local reinactor from here that played in that movie next to Ted Turner,it was his movie but with stipulations, like him being in it. Never ever seen :combat" series reruns here. Hollywave
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