why email one time !!

why Man in here send flowers or a email.. and then you don't hear from them again.??
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Scammers maybe...???
wine handshake
confused do,you send one back??If you do, then I have no idea,but if you don't then they may think your not interested!!beer
Some do some dontconfused
Some people have a blue collar life where they have to handle regular day to day activities. They send a message; receive a message; send a second message; and then receive nothing from the lady in return. Women like to be entertained and humorized by guys. When a guy sends regular boring material the girl is turned off. The guy makes a better impression in person but distance serves to knock out that idea constantly. To facilitate ongoing communication a girl has to ask questions and share information on various topics with the guy to continue the correspondence. As I mentioned in my poem if humor was the only criteria for connection with a girl only clowns and comedians would apply for available contacts on this site.
i wonder the same!!!
what do they need to know im real?
my ID? lol
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