The world needs a happy ending from time to time.

While watching the rescue of the 33 miners from Chile i wondered why some stories grab the attention of the media and some don't. During the time these men have been trapped and then thankfully rescued safely there have been numerous incidents with greater risk to or loss of life that hardly got any coverage at all. I concluded that it was because it was like a real life big brother situation which could make you think i am being negative about the coverage. The opposite is true, the world is devoid of emotion alot of the time, it does not fit into our busy lives these days, so when a story comes along that triggers these emotions it can only be a good thing (when the ending is a happy one). When the first miner came out his son was waiting there patiently and calmly but as soon as he saw his father come out of the tunnel he started to cry, it was so natural and real and very moving. The world really does need a happy ending from time to time, it gives people a lift even those who not directly effected.
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I'm with you on that, wonderful to witness a happy ending for a change, so much unhappiness and violence in the world today!
Yeah really was great seeing the happiness on the faces of relatives and friends waiting for there loved ones. Pure natural emotion, happy ending, feel good factor all round.dancing
Good blog Bunnyman...I agree about the media and I'm not surprised one bit in there choices...In the end of it all...It's all about
the ratings...conversing Not what me and you thing is important.

The thing about this sort of thing is that, I always remember the story never the media that reported it...grin

And all the miners deserve what ever is coming there way...grin

cheers hug
Agreed, after what they have been through i wish them all the very best for the future. Fame and fortune awaits i just hope that there life does'nt turn into one big circus and they don't lose sight of what was important to them while awaiting rescue.
There is many of them...and it will be a problem with a decision
to stick together...dunno
They sad there was some fist fights down there...But that could haw been part of a daily exercise...rolling on the floor laughing hug
I suppose whatever lies ahead of them is better than the life they were leading, working down a dangerous mine for poor wages (i'm guessing). Also as they are lucky to be alive everything from here on is a bonus.
I also heard about the miner whos wife saw another women holding his picture at the rescue site and discovered this lady was his mistress. Another twist in the story and another touch of realism.
Wryly...rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
She just wants her share...Now is it the money or his body part...
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers hug
Well they're only human after all and make the same mistakes as everyone else. Unfortunately they will now be in the limelight and people will do their best to drag up anything sinister they can find out..... awful, but that's just the way a lot of people think. They can never just be satisfied when something goes well for others...... A real shame!!
I'd have been surprised if there WEREN'T fisticuffs down there during the first 17 days, given how frustrated and afraid they must have felt at having absolutely no control over the situation they were in. I think they did incredibly well, and it was their strong faith which helped them keep themselves together...... good on them!!
Yeah your right, they all seemed to have faith. Whether you believe or not theres no doubt this helped them alot.
wave Bunnymen

Good blog, something of importance in life thumbs up

no-one will really know what living hell they went thru

conversing confused dunno
Very true, unless you have been through something like that, what they went through is unimaginable. Obviously pleased with the outcome so far but hope the "happy ending" continues. So many extreme highs and extreme lows is bound to take its toll so i hope help is offered to them and they do the wise thing and accept it.
Livin the dream, sorry should have said previously, nice hearing from you and i hope life is treating you well.hug
Nice to see you too Bunnymen,
Although life could be better hug cheers
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