Aren't u tired to be single?

Aren't u tired to be single?To be fed up by wrong persons whom u meet them on line and they lie ,or in real and they are not compatible with u?sigh
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sometimes I am, but at least it gives 2 huges advantage - 1) more free time 2) more free communication of any kind with the opposite gender without the fear to hurt someone's feelings
What single is single? Single doesn't mean lonely. Single doesn't mean living alone. And married doesn't mean not living alone or not feeling lonely. So what is the different!? I think the different is Single does mean married contract has not been signed. Married life means more things and constraints to deal with...

I remember a saying that don't get married with someone you can live with but get married with someone you can not live without.
The logic is that if we don't live with so how we know we can not live without!?
How lucky you are when you know someone lies or someone is incompatible. So be proud of it instead of feeling dismiss.

You only fail when stop trying.
I try either and I don't think I will fail because I never give up.

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Oh! I will not fail because I will never give up.
Yes, I am tired of being single.blues But I don't have any problem seeing though people's lies.dunno I guess I have learned how to spot the honest ones.
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better be single rather then hooking up with a jerk. All we need to do, is we have to make our own happiness. Once we can do that, we're gonna be just fine.
hemorrhoids and claudya ! yes you are rite so if you are tired so you can contact me coz I am also looking don't worry about the compatiability and to be honest and you can trust me

with best wishes
Iam agree with kasih , better iam single than have realationship with man who never appreciate anything and don't respect me at all
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coz I got tired I registered in here.
u at least can date the man u want,in here its not easy.
we ve to wait the fillance to knock at the door.crying
yea, im too tired of being single... i know its a long journey, but im exhausted. dont want to give up, just need a long break... moping
Who isn´t? I am so sick and tired that I can barf and I am really looking after my true love, my own angel .
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