Getting ready for the holidays.

As I am cleaning & preparing for Thanksgiving & Christmas I often wonder just how many people out there are alone with no place to go for the holidays?
This year my family will not be having a big gathering due to situations beond our control. So it will just be my son & I having a meal before I go to work that night. sigh
When I was a child, family & friends would gather at my Granny's & Pappy's home & we would have a grand time. Lot's of food & fun took place on both holidays. So many of them have passed on & others have moved far away. I miss those days! crying
I promised myself that this year I would not be sad but be Thankful for what I have & for what family & friends I have left in my life.
I am honestly Blessed...just feeling blue today.moping
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wave momhen

Festivities are nice spent with those you love hug

This year, i cannot be with my family, so I will work, and have passed out an invitation to all those I know that will find themselves alone at christmas to join me here at my bar, and we as friends will celebrate as family.

You could look happily on the precious time you & your son will share together hug comfort Bonne fete
Well you could set an extra place or two and invite people in confused It could be fun grin wave
Oh I have invited others to my table during the holidays in years past. This year is an exception. I am going to make the best of it & take food to work for my coworker & myslef that night. There will be a time to celebrate later. Who says you can't have a party later & enjoy our blessings!! hug
Due to all the craziness in life my family has decided at long last to have a small get together before Thanksgiving. At least that is the plan as long as everyone stays well long enough!! dunno

I know it will be a good time for all, even if it is just a small party this year. I know it may sound a bit selfish, but I was very upset at the idea of my family not getting together this year. Traditions are something I hate to lose.moping

Family is all I have, that includes my dear friends. hug Without them my life would be very quiet & lonesome!! mumbling

I am Blessed & I know it. Spoiled too grin Only with family loving me so much!!

Now I have to make plans to cook, cook, & cook some more!
Whooo Hoooo! applause
Today is the day my family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving. We will be having a noon meal so that those of us who are going to a Christmas Auction this evening can go & not miss out.

It is traditional for us to tell why we are thankfull. After the past few days I can say I am thankfull that I have a job, that I have a healthy adult son, a home & that we are able to gather together & have a meal that will leave us "stuffed".

Just yesterday a regular customer came in on her way to the hospital to be with her daughter. The Grandson, aprox 10 yrs old, dropped his infant sister, less than 3 months old. They were heading to the hospital, they suspected some brain damage had happend & wasn't sure how bad things were going to get or if they were going to get better.

Just yesterday, one of my former co workers came to tell me goodbye. He was going back to colorado. This young man was like a son to me. I hugged him, wished him the best of luck & we both cried like crazy. His life here with his Dad the past few years has been "Hell on earth".

So I have a lot to be thankful life is good compared to so many others. I will have to say I have been selfish when feeling so down & depressed the past few days. I have been Blessed & Ungrateful for it. crying

So today I am going to tell all my loved ones & friends just how much they mean to me & stop feeling sorry for myself! And to all of you that are here, may God Bless you! I am thankful for all of you that have written to me, have helped me learn this site, & been an encouragement to me. Thank You!!
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