What is in the mailbox..junk mail or real mail!!!

I am trying really hard to figure out just who is real & who is not. I don't want to insult someone on here, but I belive most ot the mail I have been getting is spammers. Come on...get real..you start out a letter calling me a beautiful angle?? Or that I take your breath away when you look at my photo!! rolling on the floor laughing
WOW!! I really like the ones who use your profile as the letter!!
I know there are some who write nice letters & send flowers. Those few I have recived & have tried to reply back to nicely. I am just hoping I did not delete any real ones thinking they were spam!!
I am somewhat new to the on line dating thing & really overwhelmed by all the "bad" that is out there. frustrated
That is why I started looking & reading the blogs & forums trying to find out who is real?? And I have noticed that I am not the only one with the problem of "junk mail".
So I guess I will keep trying & hope that I do not hurt anyones feelings. That would make me sad!! crying
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I dont understand why people are so warried about fake peofiles.
When I get a mail - I respond, if the person doesnt continue writing - I dont care. If the person says something shady or suspect or just a boolshit - I stop responding.
Thats all.
And I cant say what profiles were fake since my joining this site 6 months ago
human nature being what it is, you are going to get a certain amount of bullshit, but you get that in real life too, common sense, and be cautious, this site reflects the real world, you can be terribly hurt, or you can find real happiness, , its all a gamble, there is no safe route, and no guarantees, best to you momhen, and welcome.bouquet
Well Sweet, Momma Hen,
I only joined about five,or six weeks ago, . . . . .
and i've already met a couple of Susplcious little ladies, lurking around here, . . mumbling

Some are very Sweet, Kind, Warm and Compassionate, . . angel angel angel

While some are very mysterious and Elusiveuh oh
I know all about the BS in life, gotitall. I just do not want to be the one to hurt anyones feelings by not resopnding to a letter.
I have always been a peacemaker & not a fighter. angel
I do find it quite sad that there are those out there who want to scam or hurt others.
Our lives are just but a fleeting moment on this old earth. Why spend it hurting others when we are able to spend it happy?
hug bouquet
Aww thanks for calling me sweet aJester22!! I know I have met one person on here with whom I have been exchanging letters with & so far he seems like the real deal. conversing
But I have recieved a whole lot more in "junk mail"! wow
I hear you , sister!! I got an email yesterday telling me that I am the 8th wonder of the world, and on top of that, I have the most delicate eyeballs ! Isn't that a hoot!! I replied and asked if he had someone that writes this crap for him! I didn't get a reply!!

On the flip side of that, I have corresponded, and still do so, with some amazing people, both male and female. Not everyone is a scammer, you will get to recognize most of them. Just be careful about divulging your email address and anything of a personal nature!

Good luck to you!
Deya55, they must mass mail those things because I got the same one!! rolling on the floor laughing And I can tell you for a fact that I am not the 8th wonder of the world!!
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