Another liar indeed! IRELANDLOVER, who says he wants a sincere woman for a long-term relationship is himself anything but sincere! All he's after is a few one-night stands to work through his mid-life crisis,find out if he's still attractive, that sort of thing; he's not really after a long-term relationship at all !!!
I enrolled onto this site after finding out he was on it, to find him and find out what he was up to. He even approached me, unaware, and corresponded, saying he'd like to get to know me...
HE's my 7 year-long boyfriend, who's got a sincere woman who loves him very much right under his nose and still hasn't asked her to share his home. He doesn't want the children he claims to, he's told me more than once he has no intention of fathering children to bring into this world of problems and unrest, smokes a lot more heavily than just "socially", drinks a lot more too, and of course lies through his teeth claiming to be single!
Well, I suppose if that's the way he feels, I might just make the best of it and try to find a better man.
So she who wants him can have him, but just know where you are treading. By the way, when we first met, I had severe asthma, and he said for my sake he'd stop smoking. i'm still waiting. He said he'd found the woman with whom to have children, and have a home with, and got my loving hopes up. No dice. It's not the first time he's been on a site like this, and every time he makes hollow promises. So beware...
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A man who is seeing a woman for seven years is most likely not going to marry her..Unless he is in some special position like prince william would be the only exception.
My opinion is the guy you are seeing is only using you for convenience and is looking for other women on the side.
Why else would he not want to marry you or at the very least live together? If you found out he has cheated on you before than you are making yourself a fool to keep taking him back and putting up with it..You already wasted seven years of your youth do you want to give the rest of your life up to him to use you and when your very old some day dump you? I dont belive in rushing into sex with a man because of this exact example on how easy it is for men to become liars and play women for fools.
Even two months of dating isnt in my opinion long enough wait.
good for you love,im gettin you i was him...
Leave him & try loving & valuing yourself for a change.. Once that happens, you wont be attracted to men such as this guy.
Hope you leave him today.What an a**frustrated
Can't believe you wasted 7 years. I blame you totally for it, considering he is what you defined him as. I'm sure, you must have got the signs about him way earlier but somehow you kept fooling yourself. Why?

If a liar, heavy smoker, drunkard and an impulsive cheater has been your choice of men over the last 7 years, I suggest you look at yourself and sort out your mindset first. doh
there is always new chapter for everyone...
start ur new one, ceilidh11...get rid off him. u deserves someone better....
Why did you date him for 7 years when you wanted marriage? If I want marriage from a guy, 2 years is my limit, not 7. After 2 years, we need to make the decision to marry or not marry and break up and remain friends. Most of the time, I don't even date, just carry on with my life and my career.
did this guy lie to you? because in his profile he states that he wants MARRIAGE. is it you he did not want to marry? and what is his problem? I broke up with a bf because his parents didn't want him to marry me.
depends how much you love a guy i suppose
i was with my boyfriend for 8 years before we decided to marry
admittedly unfortunatly it never worked out in the end but i have known people like my dad who was dating for 25 years before he asked his long term girlfriend to marry and their still married now and very happily married so it does happen yay
Now let me see if I got this acuratly, you met a guy and he told you a bunch of lies ! Just to get you in bed. Wow ! Does this sort of thing hapen often ? I've never heard of anything like this before . . . . OK enough sarcasm, but if this offends you then good! I hope it shocks you into reality . Liers only succseed when we let them !
Problem is naming him is not going to make him closer to you unless you have already decided you never want contact again after 7 years which seems like a very long time. JMO
A year is plenty of time to let a man figure out if he's going to marry you or not. If not, it's Adios. My husband and I dated for six weeks before we were married. After our first date and he had dropped me off at my front door, he went to the jeweler's and bought my engagement ring. We're still married eighteen years later. :)

This fellow you speak of sounds like a real cad. You're much better off without him. I'm so sorry that this is a life lesson that had to be learned the hard way. :( I wish you much better luck in your search for a new man. handshake hug
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