we can create our tomorrrow NOW!

we can all come together in love and create a world of peace by manifesting from within, each day we can all join together no matter where you are and just meditate on world peace on change and send love to all people if even only 10 people do this we can change the negative energy in the world

love is a power that creates and when you are in that love energy it has amazing potential for manifesting a heaven on earth all is possible in this time we are all spirit and beautiful beings of light, its time to step out of the illusions of the world we are all apart of the great spirit in a sense we are god so use your power to create!

never fear the unknowing beyond the limits there are no limits we are endless and have lived many life's we are here in this time to spread love and build a future of peace all can happen when we see it from within

i hope you will join in a simple meditation for ten minutes a day it will help you see love and spread it world wide the message is simple we are all one and when we come together through love and not fear we have a chance to create, put a side our differences our faiths or religions and come as one people e can do so much together than we can do alone all it takes is for us to see it and it will manifest the time for individuality is over it can not help us we must be of one mind and one heart we all have this power to create the old paradigm is falling and a new one is abound there is only love..NOW!

listen to your heart it is wiser than you no love is the way home it is an energy that creates and love is the seed we all carry, plant it every where you go, be aware of who you are we are love we are spirit don't let the world take that from us stand in your own power and create a future for tomorrow NOW!

love, light and blessingsangel
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Meditation and creating your tomorrows is really waht its about. Too bad so many do not embrace this and think that nothing ever changes! But, the power of our thoughts and words that go through the universe like lightening bolts, is an altruism. Quantum physics proves this and biblically...As a man thinketh...so he is. Too different things...same idea. Free your mind!!!!
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