why do MOSTLY Older women look at my profile ?

Even when I put looking for someone my own age or younger.
There must be as many elder singles about as young ones . well it would appear so so from this singles site annyway !
an the whole thing about "meeting" ppl online looking for the same thing as you it all boils down to Love I guess.
The way we try to get our needs met has changed so much in this modern time.
The global village did we get smaller or just more disjointed ?
I,m always curious about has male and female relations really changed or do we still see some things the same only more complicated ?
Women expect more from men in the home an quite rightly so but what do we men see as our role now ?
In welfare societies we are more easily expendable, but how has this effected us as men and our conciousness ?
The evolving society has has a never ending fluidity to it .
an all this blog started from my curiosity about the number of elder singles out there looking for just the younger ones are after ..Love! hug
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Maybe your soul is old
I've just been there...
Enjoy ur luck...flirty flirty rolling on the floor laughing
is it luck an fate ?
or just because I wanted it enough ?
Although I am not considered "elderly" I do empathize as I get so many emailing me looking for love who are younger than my own sons. In spite of this I choose not to hide, but be out in the open and politely decline their offers. As for looking for anything, I just go with the flow and don't look for or expect anything. I just am. peace
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