G'day, Howdy, Wilkommen, Bienvenue, a'right n that

Just noticed that my first few out of the blocks posts have attracted some friendly and welcoming comments.

For which I am very grateful. Pleased to meet you all

To answer some of the early points, in no particular order and by no means completely:

i. It's not my intention to blog about bits of my body and the interactions of fluids therein, or thereon. However, I'm not particularly squeamish or embarrassed by such stuff. It has been many years since I had a "See who can pee the highest competition"
( Many, many years in fact. You could say we've all passed a lot of water under the bridge since then )I would imagine such tales belong to a fairly 'specialist interest' but, hey, I'm not going to be judging anyone :-)

ii. I'm going to assume the fire exits doors in an earlier post do open. Could be worth donning a hi-viz and 'inspecting' the place. I've seen the website of the hotel and the only way I'm ever setting foot in that place is to con my in for a little bit. Wear a hi-viz and you're 'official' Everyone knows that.

iii. Scammers? yup, am fairly good at ignoring.

iv. Um, other stuff? Laters, for sure.

As you made it this far, your prize is a picture of a pretty flower from my local park....

It is a shame that the site resizes the pics down a bit, but bet there's nothing to be done really. ( Okay, that sentence was purely for my own amusement on the bitbutbet thing )

Once again, thanks for the warm welcome. You guys head banger

Comments (2)

Dfrost...Aint we Friendly Peeps Here to Prompt a Return Visit ???
G'Day Again
I promise not to Pee over the Dunny wall this Time!!doh wow wow
handshake thumbs up thumbs up
Welcome to the site. I would offer you candy... but as a stranger, it's probably not right that you accept it from me.


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