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A Tiny Event

It was happened on a rainy day .blues

I took a subway with my long umbrella. The travel needed one hour to go, so I wanted doing something to kill the boring time, I sat and made my crochet hook , I focused on my handy stuff and nearly forgot the station I should to off.So when I realized it and stood up in a hurry, I forgot to take my umbrella before left. doh

But it was too late,the gate closed behind me. I had to follow the other people who took thire numbrella up to ground and felt a little upset, how can I do next? confused It was still raining outside and no any shops around if I wanted to buy a new one. The worse was that I needed walking in the rain for another 10 mins. If no umbrella with me,I should become a drenched chicken for sure. laugh

With hesitation and a hope I went back to the service center before out, asked if they had any rent umbrella business. They said no. But when the young lady knew my issue,she helped me to connect the next station... waiting in a second I got the good news that my umbrella still there. applause then it's easy for me, just took the next subway to bring it back.

Hmmm...I am lucky enough this time but not sure the next time. How do you think?

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Have a nice weekend! winewave

Comments (12)

time to buy a lottery ticket ....banana
that is one of human's nature of gift. " Forgetful " rolling on the floor laughing
i am also met such situation on some occasion. you are right, you were lucky this time. Next time be more careful with your things b4 step out from your vehicle. hug wave
Seems luck was smiling on you with said umbrella related shenanigans....Nice one...And fortunately you didnt become drenched chicken...bouquet roll eyes wine
it looks like you have slow sub way trains where you live then !!!
Hi, virgo:

laugh No, if I went to buy lotto will be failed. Normally,I am not a lucky one.wave
Hi, Mei;

Nice to meet you! Yes, I think so. A bad gift I think. laugh

I recall now, once a time I picked out a dress in a shop with my sis. At the end, I took the dress back and left my umbrella in that shop.doh Then I complained at why the rain stopped when I stepped out of that shop... laugh

You are right, will be careful next time.wave

Yes,That day I was lucky,same as my umbrella. Otherwise, I really don't know how can I do? Running in the rain is not my age to do.grin wave

Yes, It seems like!! laugh wave
hi Phoenix,

I too have spent this day with my umbrella, draging it along with me, in and out of Shanghai metro, being very careful not to forget it somewhere.

If i had to choose one item to remind me of Shanghai once i'm gone, it would certainly be the umbrella. Shanghainese seem to always rely on them - to protect them even from the very first tiny drop of rain, to keep them dry in a rain shower, and, of course, hide them from sunshine at any season of the year...

Best regards bouquet
Hi Phoenix! This event shows that most people in Shanghai seem to be trustworthy. In Vienna that umbrella would have got stolen to 50 percent. Well, but comparing the population number with that in Shanghai..doh

I think, your town is amazing! Do you have traditional Viennese cafes there? A friend once told me to have visited one. I was wondering about this..dunno laugh
Sorry reply late. I was busy moved Dad to another hospital yesterday for his health and will accompany with him there at next two weeks ...

Glad to meet you here.and your words made me laugh. You are an attentive person, I guess. Even me, as a local person not observed so clear.handshake
Yes, some of them scare of sprinkle ,sunshine too much. Umbrellas are their weapon to hold.laugh But I like enjoy the sunshine,good Vitamin D source. yay

Enjoy your each days in Shanghai!wine
Sorry, late again.doh

Nice to meet you! hmmm... the thing is here no one like to steal an umbrella,especially an old one. laugh

Your friend is right, there is only one Viennese Cafe in our city I was heard . Located in a beautiful spot. But unfortunately I 'v never been there yet.handshake wine

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