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great night ahead!

After being dumped by his girlfriend, what better way to cheer up my friend than with hamburgers, popcorn and horror movies with a bunch of my guy friends? (Yes al my friends are guys)...

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What nonsense! That is what! You talk like a mature but behave like the foolish youngster!
If you really intend to cheer your friend should play, pretending like his girl friend then to offer some eatables like a waiter does? [Yes I hear who your friends are?]
I am not that conversed with the ways and styles of you youngsters and, therefore, if I behaved awkward I beg you to forgive me, please!
How does cooking supper for my friends and keeping his mind off his broken heart make me a foolish youngster?
I am pleased to hear that from a foolish youngster adapt to lead her whole class to decency! thumbs up
If you have so much disrespect for a woman (no matter her age) by calling her a foolish youngster, maybe you're on the wrong site... You're very immature sir...
Please I beg an apology.... I swear I didn't mean to disrespect....yes I was sarcastic....Again I feel sorry. thumbs down for my act!
I'm sorry too :) Xx
Please retract your only called spade a spade...That was my immature act.
And yes that is a great job...keep it on...nothing more sacred than cheering a friend in pain!
Han, I hope you didn't burn the burgers!laugh
Ofcoooourse not :) came out great! Had a great night with many laughs!
Good for you! Glad you had a good time!yay wave
I think thats a great way to cheer your mate up.
Hamburgers,popcorn and horror movies works better than going out and getting them to drown themselves with beer and bourbon..
You done the right thing mate

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