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Pure Bliss...

Its raining here in the mother city, fortunately I don't have to work today so I'm spending the day with some horror movies in bed... Only thing I have to cuddle is my cup of coffee teddybear hope you all have a great sunday!

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And to think the worse rain and coldness will only come next month. But after that we have summer to look forward to.
hug wave
And I was planning on doing laundry today... Did you see the snow on table mountan?
Horror movies???

I`d switch to comedies ,makes me sleep easier as I don`t have to check under my bed for monsters...uh oh
Yes its icy cold, and my son still wants pictures of the snow on table mountain. I'm not venturing out today, I think comedy is my best bet.have a lovely day! dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
We got optimistic when we saw some sunshine this morning. Wanted to do some weeding in the garden but ended up under a blanket watching movies. wine
Hanlove Its the best and sunniest Summer here in Ireland. So unusual, it ends around September and then the wind and rain and cold but our country is always rainy and Summers are not good, this year seems different, I am not getting drenched to the skin each day.. Enjoy your horror movies. I love the series Hannibal. Its different from the original Film. Its really gruesome and I love it. Take care,happy place

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