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So Who Do YOU Trust?

We've heard it so many times now, it’s a wonder that it even rates a headline. Americans confidence in all three branches of government are at an all time low. This with the announcement that the Supreme Court’s popularity has fallen to a record low of only 30%, the lowest since the Gallup pole started tracking it in 1973. Fortunately for the justices the legislative branch takes the price with only a 7% approval rating. And they wonder why so many Americans are buying record numbers of guns and hording every bit of ammunition they can find. People have simply lost faith, are losing hope, and are hunkering down, getting ready for God only knows what. If ever the tea leaves pointed to the American version of an “arab spring”, this certainly is starting to look a lot like it.

Granted, the Supreme Court isn't about winning popularity contests but, considering some of the court’s rulings over the past decade, it really cannot come to anyone’s surprise. It’s one thing for the court to tackle an extremely difficult case with lots of intimate details that the everyday person won’t fully understand, but when cases are decided against what even the simplest person can see as a common sense ruling, you really have to wonder if anyone bothered to tell the new justices that impartiality isn’t just a nice habit, it is a necessity for the court to be respected, understood, and appreciated by every citizen as “the highest court in the land”.

And if all this political non-sense isn’t enough, just look at our own general population. Look at the surveys of how many young adults say it’s OK to lie? As a culture, we accept that every politician lie’s, but why? Why aren’t our legislatures passing laws to stop this, or better yet, why aren’t we the people demanding it end? Has it simply become so easy to do that we simply accept it and never demand the truth? Most importantly, how does this affect who you actually trust and of course, what do you base that trust upon? For fun, just google the words “lies, Lying” and see how many hits, news stories, research results, etc you get. Simply astonishing! Oh yes, my favorite was the statement that in 1 out of 3 couples, one spouse admits to lying to their partner about money …. Really? Only 1 of 3 …. Shocking that there is so much truth about money. Wonder if there is a direct correlation to the claim that the divorce rate is now 50% or 1 in 2 …. Hmmmmm, apparently some of these couples are lying about more than money! In a recent NPR survey, more and more older couples are divorcing later in life because they are finding that after the kids are gone, they simply don’t have anything else in common. Wow, now there’s a breech in trust, particularly since all that time they had time to create more commonalities. Now days people over 50 are twice as likely to divorce as those 20 years younger.

So, you can’t trust your government, our politicians, your spouse and probably not your kids …. So who do you trust? But maybe the real question is, how do you find trust, keep trust, and believe in trust? Or maybe it’s a lot simpler … do you ever talk about trust with other people? Do you talk about how important it is and what happens when it’s lost.

You know, since our lives became so full of television, computers, games, music and all those other distractions we don’t seem to have really meaningful conversations any longer. When is the last time you told your significant other just “why” you love them?

Perhaps you've just found the first step in trust, now get moving, you’ve got to get back on that beaten path!

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is this what they died for?!..they died for the right of people to be free..which is starting to go by the wayside since 2008...and if the next regime is the same..well,,,as a vietnam veteran who saw guys die for their country way of life...ill just say it this way....ill try to make it that they didnt die for nothing.........
i qoute Charlton Heston here.."From MY Cold Dead Hands"...
The governments have never been able to be trusted...ever! Anyone who thought they could be simply aren't paying attention to the fact that way back then...we didn't have social media as we do now. So what used to be secrets are now braising acts. I believe anyone working in our government that is caught lying...and I don't care what kind of work.....they should be held in higher accountability than our citizens because the citizens follow the lead of their leaders. Regarding divorce over 50.....unfortunately....instead of those couples believing in living well below their means so they aren't financially over extended, they wanted to keep up with the Joneses.....who are divorced and filing bankruptcy. Both husband and wife did nothing but work to have they could impress everyone. So there's no way they can know each other. I taught my matter how much her husband NOT live with in your means so y'all are forced to spend more money impressing everyone...but to save your monies for factions, education for their children, weekend fun with their family, and to retire told her to tell the Joneses they don't have enough money for No wonder it's hard to find that special someone we are all looking for. Trust is the biggest issue of all....
I only trust 3 people, me, myself and I hug true that teddybear
@nam...can you tell me how fighting in Vietnam threatened the USA freedom ?..wasn't this a war full of propaganda and fear of communism...which was senseless ?. Therefore even then your governments were sending countless men and women to their deaths for they still do to this day..there's has been no fighting to keep your freedom since pearl harbour.
i knew id run into people like you........the point is mr..non american...that they thought thats what they were there for...and they did die didnt they?....ok...what about ww1?..ww2?.korea? gonna argue that too?,,,what you should do is go to one of the families that lost someone in vietnam...and tell them there sons died for nothing....when you have experinced actual war for your self..then ill listen to you...until then..find someone else
I am sure ian meant no disrespect...the Vietnam war was complicated...too many involved (countries) with many motives...I was there not too long ago...the Vietnamese suffered as well as the people in really was a shame that it couldn't be settled without such extreme measures...
I didn't mean any disrespect..but I knew your reaction would exactly that..they are simple questions....Vietnam was because France were losing...Korea's was because of one was threatening to in vade the USA...just paranoia that communism was going to take over the world...the Europeans didn't mingle in those for fear of that...I'm merely pointing out your governments have lied about so many things....and senseless deaths of your country men...your reply only shows real justification as to why you went to Vietnam....same goes for Iraq...all lies
Their children did die for nothing...and I did say the only war that was justified was ww2...we were about to be Invaded by the Germans...USA only joined when Japan started a fight.

No wars are really justified unless someone comes knocking at your door wanting What u have. You join the forces to defend your country from attack..not go looking for it.
Because people from the US woke up...their trust in the government was dismantled so to speak...not just talking about race discrimination but why they went to war...very touchy subject...not all veterans of that war were held in high esteem when they came back...
Have you been back to Vietnam since you served there...what are your thoughts now?
My uncle fought in Vietnam. He was there 3 times for years and years. His worst nightmares were those of women and children that the Vietnamese had tied bombs to.....and told to approach the Americans so they can blow them up. For over 20 years he woke up screaming and crying in his wife's arms seeing those visions. As well as he had to make a choice.......kill them or be killed and his wife and children not have a husband and father to come home to. I know......I would have made the same choice he did if I had to. Every man was forced to take drugs to stay away....numbing them so they could perform their duties. Not that all was the right way that war is handled, But I thank every man and woman who's had to make this choice for our freedom. Not one person has a right to spew about their freedom and how it was gotten and kept. After all.....look at the communist leaders and now the people in their countries are still FORCED to live. Theresa saying.....if you don't Ike where and how you can move to where you want and live how you want....but this only applies to those who live in free countries where men and women knew they would have to do the unthinkable in order to have the unbelievable. The communistic leaders today....still say freedom is wrong....yet they have more slavery and poverty than the nations who had men and women of courage to keep us free.
Theresa, well said.thumbs up

We have a president in the US who cares nothing for our Constitution and the American people! He is a total disgrace! Now this jerk is committing troops to Iraq! Enough is enough! The US military needs to come home from all of these foreign countries! Let these countries settle their own affairs! We do not need to be the World Police Force!

Our legislative branch of govt is a joke! So is our supreme court! Of course I include obummer and his minions! Our govt needs a compleeeete overhaul!

Sorry, but I cannot stand the way our country is going! Like Nam, I served in the military,US Marine Corps, to protect and defend my country!
Injuneer, one can't really trust someone that tells you: ‘Don’t worry, it only hurts the plants’.

This is 'Agent Orange'

Makes the earth sterile for 100 years. Was used in South West Africa too. Supplied by the USA.
17,000,000 gallons or litres not sure.
professor I think we fire everyone in our American govt....and hire Maddea!! And a good ole redneck country woman to whip a** and dare the men of the world to cross their lines. I don't hate men...I really really do t. But fricken diplomacy that the "proper" elitist have exploited and abused and used against all people of all nations had done nothing but destroy the welfare of the people I. Every nation. And as much as I love Jesus because I do!!.....RELIGION & TRADITIONS that man has told us to believe and must follow also has caused this too. Every governmental, religious, and elitist leader knows how to manipulate to get what they WANT. The more we speak of what we WANT AND OR DONT WANT is exactly what we get. They know this secret.....they keep telling everyone and everyone ignores them...smh. Take a look at the sheeple following what the leaders say they say you WANT AND DONT WANT. We have exactly ALLLLLLL of it....doh

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