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missed a part

hey everyone i guess i missed a part.. I'm new here.... i hope to meet some friend here and wish get along well with everyonewave wine

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Hi Devina,welcome to the blogs,some really nice people around here,,,hope you have fun and enjoy said blogs....conversing wine uh oh crying cheers
thank you.... its nice to meet u..handshake
Hi Devina! wave

QWelcome! cswelcome party balloons party hat danceline
hug teddybear
Awww! Devina, we are friends. And i going with yawl, to have some fun the next time. Remember?. . . . LOL
thank u mimi... angel ofcourse you are. be sure to wear your bathing trunk...lollaugh
uh oh devina, I only have a swim suite. Will that do?
Hi and welcomewave cswelcome danceline Some of us is crazt but we're fun.laugh wine
wow Capricorn: shh! Dont say that! It might scare her. Then she will leave us. Then we want have no friends here.. . . .
confused mmmmm angel i feel so u... i think my friends are gonna go crazy and then u might have to run... too many girls... lol jokin... hi cape, thank you..
rolling on the floor laughing laugh lol you are cracking me up here angel... well i guess i came to the right place because i'm a little crazy too.lollaugh
laugh Devina: You also will meet my cousin ButterF. On here! She is alright too. Oh! And she drinks too. So be very careful. Dont wake her up! . . . rolling on the floor laughing
oh thats no prob..laugh
uh oh devina: Thats what you think! But you didnt here it from me. ok?. . laugh
dancing Devina: Thats right! You didn meet my cousin Butterfie. On your other blog. And she was nice to you too. psss. That is because She wasnt drinking much. Dont tell her, that i said that! That is between me and you! . . . . giggle
here it is angel.... aww i missed but i find u now..

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