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astral projection

a gift or what to leave ones body. have left 4 times and im trying to deal with what it is doing to me.

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Well, after you get over the fear that you won't be able to get back it ought to be fun!

Relax and enjoy! super
don't let it worry you least you can find your way back
i sit in my body cheers
i not believe in ghost thumbs up
i believe nobody wave
WOW that so kool wow
What is it, doing to you?..............moping
and germany leads by 6 nil .....banana
Hi all ! kiss


I love the organized body...

(even if they are with ghosts)

and so we are starting - 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ...

Welcome to the Blog James

Can you elaborate some more about your astral projection ?

How did you leave your body? Was it done by way of meditation ?

Where you asleep and coming out of the sleep you are no longer in the body ?

How long did it last ? Were you planing to go some-where ?
Hi James.
Most people do astral journey while asleep - which means leaving the physical body - but we always come back as we are attached by a silver cord.

Doing it consciously, however, although it has happened to me a few times, through meditation or altered states of consciousness, and have been able to travel on the astral planes, it is not something which one should be exploring too often - if at all!

I can assure you, my friend, it is not a gift and I don´t recommend people to do it for fun, as in the astral plane you will find many lower dimensional entities which one can often attract, but not for your own good, belive me! scold

You can write me personally if you like.

I agree with Minevra,

It happened to me once but it was my own fault. I got hold of a book about it and started reading it. About 2 nights after that, I decided to try it. It had nasty consequenses and I wont ever have anything to do with it.
@Kariena. Sorry to hear about that. I know there are many books for beginners but they don´t always tell you about the dangers and consequences.

My recommendation - and also others - do not do it! It can also be very exhausting and energy draining, apart from being vulnerable to lower energy entities.
@Kariena. Could you please elaborate on what happened?
Thank you.wave
@ Minerva
VERY Good. Too few know that. There are smiling things there that are hungry more akin to spiders or T-Rex than anything else, but without that appearance. Not every bright light is warm and the Bardo I Thosgul just hints. Not every vision or truth scryed is a gentle one. Your advice is good IMO and IME.

do not confuse astral projection with a simple dream or a pharmaceutically altered perception . Very different critters. It really isn't something to be played with or deliberately sought.

A first question would be are you actually astrally traveling, or are you 'just' (in quotes because there is nothing really 'just' about it 'cause lots of folk never) far-seeing, or were you just dreaming? Can you far-speak two way? [Who or what with?. if so.] What was the state of your body upon emergence? How old are you? Have you been out of puberty for over a decade, or are those times more recent? [I ignore the profile and ask the question anyway, because we control the profiles and what they claim, but the truth may be other.] Any alcohol or drug use in conjunction with those experiences? You can probably just forget about it if you were dropping acid or something then. Just a drug induced hallucination. Not an astral trip.
I go along with Ken´s comments here.thumbs up handshake

Do not confuse "astral travelling/projection" with simply journeying.
During an astral travel one must be in a pure state of consciousness with any use of substances.

In "journeying", however, which doesn´t involve leaving the etheric body, this can be achieved with the help of substances but, there again, if you are not in a pure state of consciousness with positive energy, you could be having nightmares!doh

Journeying without substances, only by altering your state of consciousness in theta waves, you can set your intent and go where you need to go for healing purposes (see shamanic journey).

This is what I do, and it is safe.wave
In response to the off line spelling correction. Yes, mea culpa.

Spelling error.

Bardo I thosgul should have read,
Bardo Thodol - aka 'Tibetean Book of the Dead.
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