So Many Times Our Eyes Have Crossed Over... What Was There All Along... But Never Did We... Or Could We See ....The Reason We Could Not See... Was Because... We Were Not Looking For Something... Which We Didnt Know Was There
The First Comment Shows A Part Of The American 1 Dollar Bill
Is it An Omen About Aliens?
Or Is it Telling Us That Islam Will Take Over America?

detective detective detective detective detective

Comments (29)

Hi Nam,

Sometimes I 'choose' not to see and not to hear. Just easier on the mind in some situations.
Some facts can drive one over the edge...moping laugh cheers
I'm not sure Nam, but what I think is, Islam wants to take over the world. Heck it's in their ultimate goal. The only reason they haven't completely done yet is because of the resistance we are putting in. If it were like during the 300 AD, when all the other countries were weak they'd have us all purged. Wiped.

Now if we fail to see that we're doomed.
That's a very sinister look Nam. Alien or Islam look. Yikes. frustrated
Hey nam my friend hope you are fine wish you a good day/nitecheers
Is that you, Achmed (the dead terrorist)? grin
"The Name "Horse" Was There All Along"

"How You Doing Nighty?"...........................detective
Nam, I'm sure I heard also that there's a Mason's symbol on the dollar bill as well?
Chameleon, I LOVE Achmed.

"What Are Those Guys Doing Ele?"

"What Are Those Guys Doing Ele?"

"Nighty Doesnt Look Like Akmed!!"................detective
I give up. What?

I have a one dollar bill, and a five dollar bill, somewhere in my collection of money left over from holidays, but not a two dollar so I can't get a proper look.
"Also..What A Lot Of People Dont Know Ele...Is"

"Even The Plans For Washington DC"

"Was Laid Out In A Triangle"

"Just Like The Always Watching Eye"

"On The One Dollar Bill"............................detective
"Im Not Sure Why They Circled These Guys"........................."But Heres A Better Look"

"A Cat On A Cat"

"Now I Know why Humans Keep Staring At My Rear End!"

"My Name Is "Sofia"..And Because Im "Cross Eyed"..."Im Taken Everywhere And Put On Display"
"This Aint Fun You Know"

"Heres A Better Picture Of Me"

"The "Rear End Tree"

rolling on the floor laughing These are pretty funny Nam wave
Hope your feeling better comfort
"Much Better Miss Lilith"..."Since I Got Out Of The Damned Hospital!!"

"Youve Got To Be Kiddin!!"

laugh Good..glad to hear that!..I dont much like hospitals either Namuh oh
Keep posting..always enjoy them grin comfort
Gotta go for now..the heat is unbearable here these days beer wave
As always, great pictures. I know I'm not the only one who gets a kick out of them.

laugh cheers bouquet

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