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Nice...I Like This...1507Nov 23Dec 2Jan 12
Uh, yer phone is spyin on ya1475Nov 16Nov 1618 hrs ago
Antifa Nonsence1795Oct 3Oct 340 mins ago
I Dare Ya To41619Jun 9Sep 14Jan 14
politically incorrect rednek thread1,51064Jun 2Jul 2923 hrs ago
Why You Should Be Opinionated About US Politics;64033Jul 14Jul 23Jan 20
"Anti Sharia Law" Signed by TEXAS Governor76929Jun 18Jul 9Jan 20
Massive Recall on Ineffective CoExisT Bumper Stickers2141Jun 5Jun 6Jan 20
Galloping Feminists?2014Jun 1Jun 1Jan 8
GAG Gift Ideas6917Jun 2016May 2017Jan 8
Warning Pre Windows 10 Breach imminent...turn off your printer and file sharing for 3 to 5 days61132Apr 2017Apr 2017Jan 18
all C-iapple iphone's and mac's loaded factory fresh with permanent .gov approved spyware42325Mar 2017Mar 20172 hrs ago
Tell me again why the US and NATO are in Poland?1,42762Jan 2017Jan 2017Jan 18
Marie La Le Pen: I Do Not Run to Praise Brussels, But Rather To Bury It…38815Jan 2017Jan 2017Jan 8
Russia Says, What U.S. Media Won't: Communists are Running America1,88678Oct 2014Jan 2017Jan 21
Snopes, meet your "fakebook fact checkers"4159Dec 2016Dec 2016Jan 15
Make America Leave us Alone9664Aug 2016Dec 2016Jan 17
ViVa I'talia!!!, Another blow to the establishment/globalist referendum fails42111Dec 2016Dec 20169 hrs ago
Hil Clintons health deteriorating fast; Obama DHS plan to unconstitutionaly take charge of elections6599Sep 2016Sep 2016Jan 8
Historical Text of Donald Trumps Criminal Illegal Alien Speach.1,74755Sep 2016Sep 2016Jan 13
will this man behind the curtain push the west into war with russia? or is there more to the story1,52527Aug 2016Aug 2016Dec 30
who runs black box bartertown?1,73234Aug 2016Aug 2016Jan 9
Every single market is manipulated,1,51928Apr 2016Jun 2016Jan 5
super mario's new ponzi scheme?6445May 2016Jun 2016Jan 16
show me the che~ese,3291May 2016May 2016Jan 20
US Media has lost the narrative, Boston Globe allegedly to resort false opinion news tomorrow...60316Apr 2016Apr 2016Jan 19
O'booohooo wants a pay raise...8028Mar 2016Mar 2016Jan 10
Hiring Immediately1,40027Mar 2016Mar 2016Jan 21
The American Dream by George Carlin american comedian5093Mar 2016Mar 2016Dec 28
Alex Jones interview with Louis Farrakhan on Trump and US politics5160Jan 2016Jan 2016Jan 15
the last "real" liberal86716Nov 2014Jan 2016Jan 17
mostly for the guys and some of the gals here, i finally got to see this5101Jan 2016Jan 2016Jan 12
this is interesting, i always believed those news reports from south america7049Dec 2015Dec 2015Jan 14
another reason4523Nov 2015Nov 2015Jan 15
Crazed Congresswoman from NY wants this..4463Jun 2015Jun 2015Jan 2
Should Foreigners get U.S. citizenship because they visited Disney World81720Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 21
Militarism: Who Profits written by Ron Paul2500Apr 2015Apr 2015Dec 18
WHAT IF60115Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 19
Cuba3622Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 9
wiccapedia2780Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 14
Plenty of Business and Only for us Old Buzzards78714Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 10
Survivors of WW II say back In the day all we got for Easter was a carrot on a stick44910Apr 2015Apr 2015Dec 26

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