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Schmucks872Jun 14Jun 151 hrs ago
May the turd5307May 2018Jun 4Jul 22
Space Women1442Mar 27Mar 2721 hrs ago
Where am I?46518Mar 19Mar 24Jul 16
Halloween41631Oct 2018Oct 2018Jul 20
Hurricane Florence56425Sep 2018Sep 20188 hrs ago
If all else fails...59323Aug 2018Aug 2018Jul 22
Slow and steady wins the race....3508Jul 2018Jul 20183 hrs ago
Rommy Tobinson becomes leader of prison Muslim gang2911Jun 2018Jun 201820 hrs ago
Tommy Robinson found dead in his cell!1,06228Jun 2018Jun 201814 hrs ago
Spain sack their manager!2874Jun 2018Jun 2018Jul 20
Dos and don'ts of a one armed person38312May 2018May 20186 hrs ago
Multi-Purpose Compost40510Apr 2018Apr 2018Jul 22
Winnie Mandela is dead1,19548Apr 2018Apr 201815 hrs ago
Swifty62325Apr 2018Apr 20182 hrs ago
Back in my day....58622Mar 2018Mar 201813 hrs ago
Stranger Danger50915Mar 2018Mar 2018Jul 19
Multi profilers90733Mar 2018Mar 20181 hrs ago
On the game3587Mar 2018Mar 201859 mins ago
A bit of advice for everyone....3617Mar 2018Mar 20183 hrs ago
Lost my job at Pepsi today....4295Feb 2018Mar 2018Jul 14
How has the Russian spy been poisoned?1,98885Mar 2018Mar 20187 hrs ago
I like to go the extra mile54121Mar 2018Mar 2018Jul 21
What´s happened to Lookin?1,00223Feb 2018Mar 2018Jul 21
Weather advice and warnings for the Brits and Irish85129Mar 2018Mar 2018Jul 20
Camp fires60023Feb 2018Mar 201815 hrs ago
Concentrate31318Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 17
Growing old together :)49012Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 15
Just to sum this evening up....2481Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 21
What happened to I´ld as opposed to I´d?45711Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 22
Bread in captivity74332Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 20
Occupation most likely to be a nympho85412Feb 2018Feb 2018Jul 22
Changed my ringtone today...31413Jan 2018Feb 2018Jul 21
Selling drugs to children36511Jan 2018Jan 2018Jul 20
Weird fetish club50414Jan 2018Jan 2018Jul 18
Harry Hewitt and Meghan Markle3,034133Nov 2017Jan 201810 hrs ago
Public toilet cubicle82629Jan 2018Jan 20188 hrs ago
Everything crashed when I was downloading porn at work4397Dec 2017Dec 2017Jul 22
Become Irish1,34771Nov 2017Nov 2017Jul 22
Banned-The Prequel3814Nov 2017Nov 2017Jul 20
Bnaughty Sex Tape42312Oct 2017Oct 20172 hrs ago
Pat2392Oct 2017Oct 2017Jul 17

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