RE: This is the way of the world...

It´s my way now so everyone go the fuk home, this thread´s closedprofessor

RE: Naked for the day

What´s your address?writing

RE: the 3685908507 th post wins

Let´s get the ball rolling then...

RE: The greatest thing you ever learned

80´s and 90´s beavers were much better than 70´s beavers

RE: Why is it that........

You should be on a leadprofessor

RE: The greatest thing you ever learned

Where my dad hid his porn collection

RE: Wannabe romance stuff

You were in his underpants, we all saw itprofessor

RE: Wannabe romance stuff

Looks like an LP cover of an 80´s pop group

RE: My Post Wins

What was your post? You said that your post wins but you failed to specify a post subject, you should forfeit any prize awarded to yourselfscold scold scold

RE: Women in prison

We all know that men shouldn´t pick up the soap, but does anyone have any survival tips for a woman in the showers?

RE: change of plans

Can anyone recommend a country where to learn English? Clearly not England, USA or South Africacool

RE: Brexit! who wins?

Relax Madame Camembert, it will be over on Halloweenjackolantern

RE: Wannabe romance stuff

You´re just saying thatscold

RE: Wannabe romance stuff

Are we allowed to goof around now then? Has the goof ban been lifted?

RE: Frist post wins

Where´s my prize you SOBvery mad

RE: Do we want to Live Forever?

Too old, so you´d better start hitting on someone elseprofessor

RE: Do we want to Live Forever?

I´m quite strict on anything above 18scold

RE: Do we want to Live Forever?

If our bodies are kept young, how will I know if I´m poking an 18 year old or a pensioner?

RE: Last to post wins

Well, I´m choosing the restaurant then!

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