RE: I hate slippery roads.

I bet you´d been drinkingscold

RE: He did the peoples Brexit in

Well make yourself useful then and put the kettle on

RE: What is your height "date" preference?

5 foot 8 standing and about 4 foot kneeling downthumbs up

RE: He did the peoples Brexit in

Are you lot going or not?

RE: Do You Recycle? Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metals etc?

I throw all my shit in the sea, it gives the marine life something to play with

RE: When would you hit a woman?

If you can´t hit women why do they have faces?

RE: When would you hit a woman?

My neighbour called me a coward for hitting my wife, luckily for him he´s a man, otherwise I would´ve punched his head in as well

RE: Leaving the EU on the 29 March, deal or no deal

They should try to sign Jose Mourinho

RE: Are we working ourselves to death?

I´ve forgotten what we were talking about

RE: Are we working ourselves to death?

I try to keep my distance as they tend to complain about a lot of stuff

RE: Are we working ourselves to death?

I´ll appoint myself as spokesperson for all the dead people and say "No"

RE: Just been reading Irish girls profiles on here

Try the men instead, you look slightly benderish in your photo

RE: Warning for the Vietnamese people.

I bought a bag of nails today and when I opened it there was an Australian strawberry hidden inside, how sick is that?

RE: Say Anything

What an awful thing to sayscold scold scold

RE: Challenges

Ater I´ve nailed your mum and kicked her out

RE: Challenges

Cure loneliness by groping oneself with ones eyes shut

RE: What´s the best country to visit in the EU?

I need someone for my window if you´re interestedlips

RE: Richard Branson - Quotes - This man is outstanding!

Ask some of his staff for quotes too, the ones he sexually assualts

RE: Say Anything

Rape alarms in India have the same effect as an ice-cream van outside an American schoolwink

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