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The Unknowns

Why does it say "unknown" on some threads? Peeps that have left or been sacked still have their name remaining, so who are the unknowns?...

14 171 Sep 19

Lost my job today

Got sacked from my stage designer job today, I didn´t make a a scene though...

3 101 Sep 19

Should abortion threads be banished?

Should repetitive threads be binned or is it a case of old people repeating themselves due to memory loss?...

36 501 Sep 13


I got a slowcooker a few weeks ago but she´s getting faster every time I clip her ear...

2 103 Sep 5

Breaking News!!!!

Ne ws...

10 243 Sep 3

Transfer deadline day!

If you could, which of the droogs on here would you like to buy and how much would you pay for them?...

15 227 Sep 2


In this game we have to find out which one of us shat on the living room carpet. Who´s playing?...

10 116 Aug 30

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