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Hurricane Florence42525Sep 14
If all else fails...39923Aug 24
Woke up with a big erection....40719Jul 24
Slow and steady wins the race....2438Jul 10
Rommy Tobinson becomes leader of prison Muslim gang1951Jun 24
Tommy Robinson found dead in his cell!86428Jun 20
Spain sack their manager!2244Jun 13
Dos and don'ts of a one armed person29612May 18
May the turd3045May 3
Multi-Purpose Compost26610Apr 26
Winnie Mandela is dead93048Apr 2
Swifty46925Apr 10
Back in my day....45922Mar 22
Stranger Danger37915Mar 22
Multi profilers73533Mar 19
On the game2427Mar 20
A bit of advice for everyone....2617Mar 19
Lost my job at Pepsi today....3285Feb 24
How has the Russian spy been poisoned?1,47285Mar 6
I like to go the extra mile40821Mar 12
What´s happened to Lookin?80223Feb 14
Weather advice and warnings for the Brits and Irish59129Mar 2
Camp fires41723Feb 28
Concentrate24118Feb 18
Growing old together :)39612Feb 13
Just to sum this evening up....1821Feb 14
What happened to I´ld as opposed to I´d?36411Feb 10
Bread in captivity58432Feb 9
Occupation most likely to be a nympho61912Feb 2
Changed my ringtone today...23413Jan 31
Selling drugs to children28311Jan 23
Weird fetish club38614Jan 4
Harry Hewitt and Meghan Markle2,583133Nov 2017
Public toilet cubicle63929Jan 1
Everything crashed when I was downloading porn at work3417Dec 2017
Become Irish1,08071Nov 2017
Banned-The Prequel3024Nov 2017
Bnaughty Sex Tape32312Oct 2017
Pat1732Oct 2017
Did you know....2313Oct 2017

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