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Does anyone have a Sony Vita?9899May 2012May 2012Apr 2
Happy 55th Birthday Uptail!!3,15460Mar 2012May 2012Apr 14
Have you ever been hacked? Online and...1,20730Aug 2011Aug 2011Apr 13
A Puzzle2,46975Apr 2011Jun 2011Apr 16
Phone Games77312Aug 2010May 2011Apr 2
Does anyone know anything about passports?1,16325May 2011May 2011Apr 16
Happy Birthday Uptail "53 Today" Hip Hip Hooray!!1,26230Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 9
How many smoke alarms do you have in your home? and are they different types?94130Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 16
How do you heat your home?2,18768Nov 2010Nov 2010Apr 9
Vitamin Supplements1,30032Jul 2009Oct 2010Apr 15
Is your keyring clutterfull or clutterfree?1,16426Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 2
People on buses whom talk to themselves93029Jun 2010Jun 2010Mar 27
What's your opinions on Magistrates?4634May 2010May 2010Apr 16
Name that Tune CS Style62317Mar 2010Apr 2010Apr 2
Netbooks, Desktops and Laptops..1,13732Jan 2010Jan 20101 hrs ago
Insurance on household or luxury items65418Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 7
Are takeaways open on Christmas day?4,58435Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 16
Anyone know anything about national insurance contributions or Gas boilers?1,54544Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 16
Soup Season2,14767Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 9
Water6929Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 10
Who does your ironing?1,08629Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 16
Fortune Telling at Funfairs3,41768Oct 2008Oct 2009Apr 16
Which sort of pans do you use?1,02583Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 16
Are men idiots?1,17526Nov 2008Feb 2009Apr 13
Friday 13th of Feb 2009. How was it for you?43110Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 8
New hobbies for 20092,46593Dec 2008Jan 2009Apr 14
Does anyone have any thoughts, stories, advice about landlords and broken computers?1,22021Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 16
Which gambling addiction would you say is the most addictive?1,57634Jan 2008Jan 2008Mar 16
Who do you think will post in the box below you and say something nice about them1,69836Aug 2007Aug 2007Mar 20
The Humourous thread. No uptight people allowed G.S.O.H a must2,58141Jun 2007Jul 2007Apr 16
My Dilemma2,18037May 2007Jun 2007Mar 17
Astrology4,65890Mar 2007Jun 2007Apr 17
Does anyone have any advice about mouse catching"3,12042Mar 2007Jun 2007Apr 6
Webcams7886Jun 2007Jun 2007Mar 31
The Thread for Secret Lovers or People in Lust5960Jun 2007Jun 2007Apr 8
Nintendo Wii & PS3 Games7194Jun 2007Jun 2007Apr 15
Where's everyone going for their holidays this year?1,58623Mar 2007Mar 2007Mar 24

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