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He and I

Thoughts creep in on themselves
as dusk transforms the land.
The crisp clear light of a rainy day
give way to the soft subtle pink
as the sun reaches the epitome of its beauty
in the last few minutes of its daily life.

Across the soft clouds of varient shades
of black, of grey, of white
And between the ray of peach sunlight
comes the voice of an imperfect angel
asking me, no beseeching me
to tell her what is love.

Love is the moment I wake up beside him
(I tell her)
When i see the fluttering of his eyes
beneath their lids
and I hesitate to wake him
lease i interupt some sweet dream.

Love is the beating of my heart
(I tell her)
Always fast when he is near
Always sad when he is not
And when I am in his arms
His and mine, beat as one.

Love is the smile we share
(I tell her)
When no words are required
And a single grin
given in silence
can speak so much.

Love is his gentlest caress
(I tell her)
done in fond absentmindness
that sends shivers down my spine
and warms the flesh beneath his hand.

Love is the look of awe in his eyes
(I tell her)
A look mirrored in my own
That tells of the pride that he is mine
and that I am his
And that it will forever be so.

Love is in the way he kisses
(I tell her)
tender and sweet
as if a butterfly landing on my lips
and draws my soul
in the throws of passion.

Love is in his words
(I tell her)
it is in his actions
and in his very beauty
That shines with a glow eternal
and always leads me home.

As the light grows dim
and the sun extinguishes itself
on the blue and gray sea
I hear the angel retreating
for she cannot stand the darkness.
And I, a mortal, call out to her

'Do you know what love is now?'

Like a heavenly song,
floating on the very air,
she replies to me.
'Yes I know now.
Love is you and he.'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Written a short while after the breakup but when feelings are still fresh and raw, this poem captured everything i felt love was at the time and everything i had felt at that time too

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Comments (3)

I admire your pure, ancient, Greek love, no matter you're a man or woman, your beloved too a man or a woman. A very nice expression of your lovely feeling.
This is one of the best pieces I have read here, and the standard is high. It is stunning and beautiful. My hat off to you,
CJtip hat cswelcome
i just love this tiaanwest, it's so beautiful and yet tinged with sadness. thank you so much for sharing here.
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
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