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Here's Johnny!

Got nothin' to say, and I'm sayin' it now,Just toss me a pen and I'll show ya how, I fiddle and scribble, the whole day through..reeking havoc in class the way I do..I disrupt my class on a daily basis,Just to watch the looks on those tortured faces,Who voted me the one most likely to fail,To spend 99 years in the county jail,And my teacher, poor thing, such dedication!,since they tripled her dose of medication, In time I'd be silenced by divine intervention,She assures me in sobs to pitiful to mention,Yes, I'm Johnny be good in your wildest dreams,And you never know what tomorrow brings, I might stay home,or I could drag in late,But whichever I choose is a dreadful fate, For the class, the school, and the public at large,Who humbly kneel to Johnny in charge!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I was a school bus driver for 5 years. But this poem is not so much about my school bus kids as it is about me and the way I was in school. But I had a few kids that might pretty much fit this description. That's why I could relate to them so well. lol.

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Comments (14)

Have given a few teachers Hell myself! Especially substitutes... beer
And me......A fine poem Cafetwo, really fine, doesn't seem like you need much coaching now hey?
catchy style...I'd enjoy reading more..I'm an old baltimore boy myself.....left for good in '76...
i bet the kids love you sir,nice poem and thanks for sharingcheers
Got nothin' to say, and I'm sayin' it now,Just toss me a pen and I'll show ya how,

Johnny be good????? or not????

A great corner of your words you write!, as I say pockets of memories from how they were, to how we grow, seems to flick a different light, on them days,,,,Oh!!! them days..!!!

I enjoyed your write

did you nick the lyrics from Chuck berry's or Johnny winter (the albino guitarist) Johnny B Goode sounds like lyrics to country song
Thanks jeddah, My kids did really love me because they could see in my face my love for them. They saw to much!
Yhanks vetri, Actually, the Johnny be good thing comes from the widely used expressions I would hear on TV, such as, Why Johnny 'can't', or 'can' do 'this or that'. J When I say johnny be good, it is merely a taunt Johnny uses against the fact that he knows He's everything but
sophia.. I guess Johnny be good "in your wildest dreams"! meaning..NOT! Thanks
Thanks hedistuff, A Baltimore guy. Now we're talking a true kindred spirit!! cafe
A compliment from you Andrew needs to be given to my 'poor teacher'..God bless her..cafetwo
freeatlast, Thanks. I think you were the guy sittin' behind me. We made a glorious team! cafetwo
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Now I know you......devil
Thanks Happy** Wow! One of my first poems here on CS. Forgot all about it. Thanks for checking it out.angel kiss teddybear
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