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The ever changing mind

The ever changing mind

So dedicated but misses the mark

As wisdom comes to he who waits

I sit here wondering

What does it all mean

I grasp the concept

But it alienates me

I try to shake it

But it comes back

Reality sets in

Its like chaos unleashed

Everything changes

And your back to square one

Nothing in life changes unless you change it youself

We fight with walls

And are swept away

I would get lost if it were not for my sanity

We can change our minds

And be lost forever

Uncertainty lasts

A power driven struggle with the minds eye

I fail in comparison

By choosing our own destiny can we truly live

That is life's true struggle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010

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icpfan' Very nicely written I think.. You reveal that inner struggle I suppose we all share, and yet it's not so much a matter of what we believe, but Who we believe that sets us'
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