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the kiss?

She leaned in and I moved, ever so slightly, away and whispered no. So quiet I was not sure it had been said aloud. So breathless as to hold no force of my conviction. And as if she could read that very lack of conviction she paused but only for a second. Then slowly her lips moved on as if no did not mean no and perhaps she was correct.
In slow motion I watched as they parted, the membranes separating almost reluctantly as if they were resisting. I could smell the fading frqagrence of opium, her perfume for the evening. Like the love scene in a movie I watched as the light caught her hair just perfect brushing the high lights with sunshine lighting her face with the radiance of angels. Before it was too late I said no again, louder this time, and to my suprise she listened.
She pulled back, slowly, confusion written upon her face. Eyes flecked with gold, eyes ment only for merriment, joy and love now mirroring the pain in my own eyes a pain that I put there now those eyes asked the silent question why. I could only answer honestly and I said Pain slowly shaking my head as it dropped to my chest weary of the game. My heart filled with tears that would never fall while a sigle tear slowly jurneyed down her cheek. I reached out to try and brush away the pain and she turned and walked away.

Now I sit unkissed just as I wanted?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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on Dec 2010
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