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Reflection in time

Who can look into the eyes of love
and say "No thank you."?
if those eyes do not hold a reflection of love.
But, what if the reflection was there?
What if ambition, dreams, fear
clouded the reflection?
What if you see the reflection in your mirror
every day you wake up
only it is years later?
And looking into that mirror
seeing the reflection of the looking glass
reflected in your own eyes
reflected detcelfer
reflected detcelfer
reflected detcelfer
would you go insane
with your lost decision?
Would you wander helplessly
lost and forlorn
stepping from inadequate to inept?
Is it possible that love has revisionable 20/20 eyesight?
Is it possible to find the reflection again?
Who can look into the eyes of love
and say "No thank you."?
Anyone and they do so everyday
day in day out.
One love,
two loves,
three loves,
We test the waters
by sandy shore.
Where are we safe?
Safe are the eyes of love.
Where are we both lost and found?
The eyes of love.
And how do you fight for the reflection you seek
when your lover, vampiric, holds no reflection?
Every look into the eyes is a stake through your heart!
fading, fading, fading reflection.
But, can true love ever really fade away?
When you walk away from the looking glass does the reflection follow?
Or will love always find a way

Onto the mirror of our soul to be permanently

Etched upon our hearts


Through the cornea of our essence
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010

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Hi are intense....deep thoughts with so much content from vampires to 20/20 vision, all linked to the looks of lovers....clever write, one I will read a few more time...Niahyay doh grin
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