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She Never Breaks

She never closes her eyes
when she's ready to dream
She doesn't make a sound
when she needs to scream
She just needs a break from life
and everybody's so mean
She says my words are lies
when I'm trying to come clean

She always saves her-
self for the last
She can forgive me
of all I've done in the past
She deserves someone better
how dare me to ask
She says she wants me
but she's not taking it fast

She only wants me
When she's afraid of the dark
She never needs me
I only know how to break her heart
She always loves me
Even though we're always apart
She never breaks me
Because I can't find my heart
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2011

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Comments (4)

lovely words ecm

thumbs up
Pretty introspective. Nice flow of words and feelings.angel thumbs up comfort
Very deep and moving.
Break meaning two different things
and so many pathways to travel here.
Thankyou. It made me think about your words over and over.yay
Like the style, great wordsthumbs up
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