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by maymyoLismore, New South Wales, AustraliaFeb 20117 comments


Our meeting took place on the internet.
I read your story and thought I'll see
I asked if you wanted to talk with me
and you said we can only be friends
cause you're too far away for me.
That was the very first time we met.

Did you want to see a photo of me I said,
"nah doesn't matter we'll never meet,"
so we drifted along chatting away
not often but every second or third day.
I'd look sometimes and you weren't there
so just a message I'd type to be read.

It was much more fun when you were there,
I could ask a question and get a reply
and there were funny things we did share.
I found you happy and your humour dry,
we laughed a lot and joked with each other
and slowly and surely we became friends.

We both lived in a different time zone
and our chats were across the miles.
So we watched the clock all the while
for the right time to pick up the phone.
and in between our emails came and went.
We shortened the distance between us.

Then one day you said you'd been thinking
how far away we lived from each other.
I'd been thinking the same thing too.
You seem so nice since I got to know you
and now you wanted to see a photo of me.
What will happen if you like what you see ?

We've grown close in such a short while.
One can only guess what would happen
if you see my photo and like the look of me.
I wish I could see your face to see a smile
but then if its not there I'd rather not see
but I've high hopes I'll be around for a while......

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2011
About this poem:
This is a true story and 5 months later I'm still around and he has a lovely smile.

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Very Nice, sometimes it grows beyond distance, tho distance is the biggest downfall in Internet dating, Nicely written, and if Love grows, then whos to judge it? Nice write
The title pulled me up...reminded me of another poem...but lovely heartfelt write...glad it's going well...Niahcool bouquet
Hi! maymyo,its been a long time,well nice to see you are still in touch with your friend,hope you both get closer.Best wishes.hug teddybear
Hi, maymyo,
May this be a time when distance makes the heart grow fonder until there is no distance too great for hearts to cross. Thanks for sharing the heartfelt hope and beauty of ACROSS THE MILES. with us.
maymyoonline today!
Thank you for your comments, its nice to be back doing what I love doing, struck a black spot for awhile, but the light shines again. Good to see some familiar faces still here Maymyo purple heart
Happychatty1online today!
My first time reading this lovely poem, I read somewhere that distance is only a test to see how far your love can travel here is hoping it worked out well for you both heart wings wave
well done,, It's nice
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