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Flow Away

The spirit to the soul will say
Let it flow away
Let it rest today
Your anger, your hurt, your sadness
Your expression of dismay
Find an outlet in the healing of light rays
God's warmth penetrating in the decay
Endless loneliness can mold
The homeless wondering heart fold
I drop it all away
Your peace, Lord, is all I hold
When we celebrate beauty untold.
Deep inside, your love will lay
When the self is open and you lead the way
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2011

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Comments (4)

Hi Marina,its a pleasure to read from you again and this second piece is even more awesome like the first,i love itapplause applause applause ,thanks for sharing this piece,i am looking forward eagerly for the next onevery happy peace M.M
marina1000online today!
Thank you Poet....enjoying tremendously your poems as well applause
Beautiful Marina :) applause cheering bouquet
marina1000online today!
Thank you Ayhra for your kind comments very happy
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