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Make me feel like I'm unwanted
Make me feel like I don't belong and you don't know what to do
Make me feel like you wish you didn't care
As long as it's what you really feel

Don't think I can't deal with this
I was alone before I met you
I can't say I didn't want this
But I don't think you do

I can be all alone
Bordum is a word I seldom use
I'm a misfit where I belong
I'm whats in you that you never knew
I can be desire
I can be weakness when you give in
I can make you feel the meloncoley
I can be what your addicted to

Don't think that I can't take this
You're intentions are all too clear
Just give me one more night
Before you leave me here

I don't want to waiste this
Precious moments never last
I don't want to remember you
Until my life has passed

Don't think that I can't feel this
I can't keep the tears behind my eyes
I can turn and walk away
But I can't keep my soul alive

Until I die
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2009
About this poem:
This is pretty mush about a love triangle. Maybe that will help.

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ecm1013 - I like this line "I'm whats in you that you never knew". Thanks for sharing.
Very strong emotions ecm1013.Thank you for sharinghug bouquet
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