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21 Century Colossus

His eyes are a raging ocean
Cast out in the middle of night
Seas of surging blue and green
Searchlights casting over foam
Restlessly around the globe
Searching every shoreline
Yearning to find some peace
On past around every turn
Sought heralding in the night
Survive a more perilous flight
Seeking shelter and a new life
Torn by tentacles of war and strife
Searches at freedom’s front door
All lit up by a statue in a harbor
Holding a torch of light up high
Give me your tired and poor...
Yearning to breath free……...
If not for you….. than for who
….........………….if only for me
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 5
About this poem:
It is unbearable to watch anymore the plight of refugees across this planet without questioning everything we have been led to believe in and care about.

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lovecanberealonline today!
A great deal of the blame must be sheeted home, to the good old Catholics, for causing this (global) overpopulation.
lovecanberealonline today!
Re, South America, much of Europe, etc, etc....sad flower
right words Chris .. not many of those living peacefully in America or Europe could see these eyes .. I see them almost every day .. swept away, pain and loss. thank you for write and your compassion. Lily wave
lovecanberealonline today!
Put a rubber thing on your d*ck, or take the pill, or all of the other ways man has invented, ok?
lovecanberealonline today!
We are well beyond "carrying capacity" Humans must stop this arrogance, that we have "dominion" over Nature. She will have the "last word", as is becoming more, and more evident.
these are the words of a primitive-minded man. sorry for being rude .. but I can only regret about you. because you are a kind of underdeveloped human soul. Our neighbors need to be helped according to all laws of Nature /God.. only in that way we remain human beings and not brainless creatures
lovecanberealonline today!
Sure, help the ones you can, however, there is obviously a limit on numbers. A countries own people, must come first, end of story.
lovecanberealonline today!
It has nothing to do with under developed souls; and everything to do with the allocation of food, essentials, etc. There is only enough for a limited number. That is a cold, hard, mathematical truth. As I said, the "host countries needs, must come first". You cannot lie about the overwhelming numbers involved. Unfortunately, not every dog can have a bone; quite simply because there are not enough bones to go around.
lovecanberealonline today!
godsprincessonline today!
Unfortunately a lot of the war residual refugees of smaller countries have been created by wars the larger countries (including our own) have raged over oil, diamonds and other issues such as 9/11. Greed has played a big part in this and the greedy ones don't want to pay the price for their greed. All I can say is that God is watching and I'm sure He is crying over the lost souls caused by this greed. Those that are last here on Earth will be first in Heaven. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter Heaven. Think on that. Meanwhile - I wonder if France wants the Statue of Liberty back for it no longer seems to apply here. sigh dunno confused

Kathy sad flower sad flower teddybear
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