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I wish i had loving angels to guide me through the day..i would happily pay them a penny each then merrily be on my way..i need these sweet little angels to save me from this internal war..i guess for now i'll have to fight with all my strength to achieve what i'm searching for..i know my loving angels will suddenly appear some day to guide me through my troubled world then no longer will i live in saddness and illusive angels do answer my prayers..don't leave me here in this world alone frightened and again sweet me ! guide me ! let me be me !..yes ! i want to be internally free..that's all i wish to ever ! free ! free !..Written By robyn bashford..A.R.R.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
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I know it's against the rules, but I wish angels could reveal themselves to us, just to prove that they are really there protecting us. I would play video games, read, golf, walk, play horseshoes, share a joke, share a movie, so many things my guardian angel could help me with. Then I could say Merry Christmas Millinium Cinema, Merry Christmas Mitt Romney! angel teddybear
KOOL..thankz for the input..and thankz for reading this poem..angel
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