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While monkeys are funny,
a barrel of laughs
I can't help but love
the neck on giraffes.
A lion is so royal,
so grand and aloof,
But a ferret is fast
and gone, oh ker-poof!
A cheetah is lithe
with a beaufiful coat,
and you can't help but feel
a soft spot for a goat.
Pandas are dressed in
coats of black and white,
and possums come out
in the deep dark of night.
A brown bear is grizzly,
an egret is thin,
and a rabbit he hops
for his hole to get in.
A mullet he swims
in a stream or a brook,
but fish that I'm after
just won't take the hook.
The fruit bat he roams
in my plum trees at night
and hangs off the eaves,
giving terrible fright.
Kangaroos are strange
they all call their kids joey
and around buzzes fly
sometimes known as a blowy.
Mice are so shy
that they never come out
unless all is quiet
and the cheese is left out
An emu is lanky
when it tries to run,
a kitten is cute
and likes to have fun.
A horse is astute
and obeys his master
and in races he runs
where he tries to go faster.
A dog is your best friend
but so is your cat
and a llama can make you
a very fine mat.
A platypus is odd
and disguised as a duck
and a turkey is in for
a good nip and tuck.
A hen lays you eggs
and a rooster is randy
a pig in a poke
sometimes is quite handy.
And if you like swallows
or a turtle dove,
it might mean that someone
has fallen in love.
There are so many creatures
on this big round earth.
Some make you sad,
some fill you with mirth.
Suffice to say only,
oh what would we do
if there just were not any
except me and you?

© PJM 2001
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this while caring for two children whom I looked after regularly - they loved it and we spent the afternoon with each of them acting out the animals as I read.

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