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The Thanksgiving Guest!

The Thanksgiving Guest!

He was a special college friend of her brother, alone for the Holidays!

Her brother had invited him to share Thanksgiving dinner as a sleep over guest with their family!

A spark ignited when his sister and his friend met, cupid’s bow of love was heavenly set!

At first meet their eyes did intertwine, the warmth of the holiday overflowed, their eyes did shine!

He was like a breath of spring, a collision course that would end with a diamond ring!

The aroma of cooking did abound, from roasting turkey to pumpkin pie!

The college friend didn’t have a chance, they fell in love at first glance!

When the cooking was finally through, she sat next to him at Thanksgiving’s banquet’s table, of course this you knew!

They pasted food of scrumptious taste, she knew sitting next to him was her new life’s place!

After dinner, music was king, in the living room she still sat next to him!

Alone at last, he asked her for a dance,
Oh! How could she resist as she hungered for his kiss!

They danced and danced, it was so divine, full of Thanksgiving heavenly bliss!

His arms enclosed upon her waist, to him he knew it was their place!

The music was heaven sent, they danced in heaven’s fond embrace!

Their bodies melted as if but one, entranced not wanting the day to be done!

He was no longer just a guest, he had pasted life’s lover’s test!

The days flew bye, he had to go, she didn’t want him to leave, she loved him so!

As he left, he whispered quietly in her ear, as he didn’t want the rest of the family to hear!

Would you be my wife to be, I have looked for you eternally!

She gazed back into his eyes, She gave her answer, it was no surprise!

I give my love all to you, I really love you, I really do!

It was a Thanksgiving holiday, a day of giving thanks!
They both had fallen in love into a thankful romance!

I just have this to say, life is full of surprises, it could happen to you!

Happy Thanksgiving day!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Love can be found where you least expect it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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