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I NEED……….

I need the power of your love
The power to get me through the day
The power of feelings I get when I talk to you
Help’s me deal with my daily dismay.

I need the power of your wisdom
You have been through so much
From your very highs to your very lows
Make’s me again want to feel your touch.

I need the power of your thoughts
I need to know your thoughts of me and you.
If you are wishing you were here or I was there
This feeling is so brand new.

I need the power of your arms
Gently holding and caressing me
As I would hold and caress you.
As we partake of that wine, French bread and Brie.

I need the power of your kisses
Your kisses that were so tenderly placed upon my lips.
Boldly probing and seeking to pleasure
I felt my face being gently traced with your fingertips.

Or am I getting ahead of myself
Wishing things were so
Believing and dreaming what isn’t there
Did I find myself with a Lothario?

This past weeknight
Was a memory to behold
For good or bad
I am seeing how it will unfold.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2010
About this poem:
I think this poem is self explanatory.......I wrote it last summer.

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You write from your heart.You write beautifully.
My only advise is that through my experience
one does not need a man to fully furfill one's life.
Your poem comes accross to me as the same that i was feeling at one stage in my life.I believed in Romance and Passion.
It does not exist,not over here where i live.
So i just either read about it in old books and write.
Please continue writing your poetry as Poetry
Can be the window to your heart.
Have a great year for 2010.

Blessings from accross the waters.

Kindest Regards;


I like your use of Lothario. The subject of your poem displays great courage overcoming becoming-Calista worries to see "how it will unfold".

It takes courage, too, to share one's poetry. Thank you for sharing with us.
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