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Radio Frequencies

(with which and withal)

Think I can't see your margin notes
be advised I do
They wrest with nearly every line
Also - too;
know the FeeeeL..
The -i -n -g of being just a few Mhz short
of fully tuning in
We know it's not speak -ing
in neatly phrased blocks, yet we are
the clearinghouse for its homelessness
-putting on the socks; the shoes on
for it

hairless as The Muse's crotch
is supposed to be

Sputters and spits its jabbering
its linear wisdoms
its foregone conclusions
it .. is .. coiled.. it ..
>>StrikesToBite >>

Ah-yep, I see your notes
and sense your eye upon the clock
Best return to your own writing
All else fails squeeze out words
and when the bead of toothpaste
refuses remain on the brush
splats into the sink where
for tidy
a rub with the thumb
just rinse it away

the Slip'
-- somewhere back in '04
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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Comments (2)

BeneathePines - lol...many dimensions to this write!banana
yep and intriguing use of punctuation...i'll take note of that! ;-) ok, i'm back to more writing (or staring at a white window!)...
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