Wisdom takes time!

I was very clever when I was younger,
about 21, the world was my oyster,
now those years are gone,

I knew everything there was to know,
I knew all about the world and people
Yes, I did, that was so,

Something happened between then
and now, I lost my knowledge,
I dont know where, when or how,

Somewhere along the line, somewhere
in space and time, without asking
my permission, without hope of
remission, all knowledge deserted
me, for no apparant reason
well, that I could see.

I'm no lamb, but, here I am
accepting the fact, in the final act,
I'm not soo smart, life played its part,
and made me see, there's more to life
than there appears to be.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010

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good write...a big difference is our values through stages of life...for example, perhaps when younger, we had an opportunity, but because of our keen interests then, we dismissed opportunity...now the interest may be here but the opportunity and wherewithal is removed....
when you're young and the world is your oyster, it is difficult to recognize and accept opportunity for that would mean accepting responsibility, sacrifice, and work. we see people all the time that back then made the sacrifice and it has paid off for them greatly, and they are no more intelligent or stronger than most. but they sacrificed...
Knowledge is what you learn from others, from external sources. Wisdom is how you interpret experiences and comes from within. The really important things you find inside, such as the true meaning of existence. If knowledge vanished it probably was unnecessary and
hard drive space was needed for the important stuff. Great write! Are you having a power surge at present?
heeeee's baaaaaack! ;-)
Well I've never been clever but I'm learning something everyday. A little too late but that's what life is all about. Good write teddybear
''i knew everything there was to know,i knew all about the world and people..''.
I knew that i know a little.In this world there's too many things,we just can't know everything.
Even people,some we think we know them,but after we find that they were cheaters and good actors.
I know that i must read cause reading increase our knowledge.
I know that i know a little,and it's a good begining.
Thanks for sharing,wishing for u peace,happiness and balance.
optimisticme - great write!handshake
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