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Kindly say it's over
Kindly say we are through
But really you don't have to say a word
Just one cherished look will do

Kindly now could we be friends
Kindly this is how it ends
Tomorrow the sky will still be blue
Kindly I'll remember you

Kindly say goodbye as you walk away
Kindly is how I always prayed
But sometimes the answer is no this is true
Kindly I'll remember you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2018

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godsprincessonline today!
Kindly praying you will find your true love.

Here we all are on here writing blue poems for Valentine's Day. So sad.

Kathy sad flower crying
Happychatty1online today!
Kind poem all be it sad ..thanks for sharing it wave
I can easily relate to your well written poem . Touch my heart handshake
Cool write dude ..........at the end of the day kindly is the only way ..........Regards NU grin
Thats such a sweet sentiment.
If only everyone were kind.uh oh
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