I Didn't Know

I don't have a big spacious home I don't have a brand new car
I don't live upon a hill with a view that looks so serene
I didn't know how to get such things

I guess I was dumb and when I was young
I didn't know what tomorrow could bring
I just didn't know I didn't know

And now it's too late to find a way
And it is sad to wake up to an empty day
And I'm the only one to hear the words I say

I guess I was dumb when I was young
And now the repetition of wishful thinking has me feeling low
But I just didn't know how to get such things I didn't know

And now when I walk through a small town and take a look around
Now I've got time to think I've got time to dream and the funny thing
It's the same feeling wherever I go the feeling of I didn't know
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 16

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Comments (2)

southmiami4321online now!
Its never too late for anything in life. So if you are alive NOW, enjoy yourself and don't feel sad about what is gone. You do know what to do and you are not dumb! Release your thoughts, it will make you feel better.. comfort dancing teddybear r
carlameeonline today!
I had those material things and it gave comfort, but I didn't share it with anyone.

So the feelings you have of didn't know, I knew and I have those same feelings.

Being single is great, but it could be better shared. dunno
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