Not Hung Upon Anything

When we were young we were not hung upon anything
We could be young and discover
The goodness of life as a song to sing

And then one day the world gave us a pill
And we became ill with so many broken dreams
Instead of today we went in the way of what tomorrow brings

And when we got old we tried to hold
To a glimpse of remembering
Of when we were young and not hung upon anything
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 26

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Went to your profile, and listened to your karaoke videos..Wow, you have a stunning voice.
Just wanted you to know handshake hug
"When we were young we were not hung upon anything"
When we were young and inexperienced at life, we did have much to compare too. So, therefore we were ore open an accepting to new ideas, willing to experiment and explore. Peer pressure was our driving force and fear of our parents out of respect.
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