The Quotes Garden - IV – Pale Moon

"The Quotes Garden"

[ IV ]

Pale moon

“I share my thoughts, with my beloved moon,
Alike a breath of wind, with silver leaves,
Who twists thy dreams, so soon...
And drops of sorrow, beneath the sleeves
Still trembling, in the night, amidst the tune
Who fills my grief, with silent heaves,
Embracing howls of trees, into the moon
Along with copper statues, over dusty sheaves...

O, my beloved, pale moon!..
I lay my soul, upon your silver grave
In which I find my peace, so soon...
And yet – I’ll be the only slave
Of silent wind, when cries of loon
Will tell you I was brave -
And thus along my path, their tune,
Amidst the faded dreams I could not save!..”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 10
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