In the dead night of day

would you say it's o.k.
If I fooled you in all aspects of everyway.
Made you vote for me... represent you... even cared for you...
Would it matter if I chattered some truth in my youth.
Probably not.
I wish it was funny.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2023
About this poem:
I was gullible then later I was... ripped off,stuck,floored,nailed,defamed,ridiculed and more. People suck.

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Comments (4)

hug feel for you
For someone so NOT artistic or "Bohemian" looking, you are an exceptional writer, big guy! applause
I know because i'm a published songwriter myself.
You are highly intelligent, and extremely sensitive in all your works! Keep up the great work! peace
Unfortunately people don't accept the truth, that is why most people only show others the area's they can handle, heaven forbid you see the whole person scars and all sad flower

Well written teddybear
Hi faded,

People who fool are fool's themselves .handshake
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