A motorcycle poem

She stood there Eye wide open but not lit.
In a state of intensive care.
A hard 5 months later she was back riding in the wind with some hickups.
Kept her safe once she proved to me that this was for life.
Now She is in the best shape I ever seen her even though her last Heart operation that I supervised/did was in 1997. She has a good heart so I will keep her safe as long as I can. Shovelhead I love you and I'm thinking of painting you RED.
Whadoyouthink. Hugs Emoticon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022

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Comments (5)

from one RED to another i think that was good thumbs up
super, may she run forever thumbs up thumbs up
Red really is the best color ...

She appreciates you, I'm sure motorcycle

thumbs up
Fadedbluejeansonline today!
Painting it Red was a metaphor or something like that. Where the paint is not really paint but more like a paste on the bike. Anyhow the bike said Yes.wink
Another, full of nonsense Man's Man who can make you smile head banger
Identify as a winner and go for it thumbs up

Life gives you only so many days, ride them well.
Thank you for making me laugh today hug
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