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First Kiss

He and She are sitting on the sofa in her apartment.
He slides a little closer, draping his arm around her shoulders.
She turns to say something, He does too.
Their eyes meet and there is a moment of insight,
Both realizing what is about to happen.
They lean into each other, eyes still locked.
Lips barely touching, breathing one anothers breath,
He tentatively slides the tip of his tongue,
Around, just inside her slightly parted lips.
Tongue tips touch for one brief second,
Radiating currents of heat are exchanged.
They press their lips together more firmly,
Heads slightly tilted, lips opening, his tongue growing bolder.
She moans softly as He enters her mouth.
Suckling as a baby at breast, She welcomes his intrusion.
He lowers his mouth to pull her bottom lip between his.
As He pulls away, they are still joined for a moment,
By a glistening strand of their combined moisture.
The moment passes, the passion remains.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (7)

it's very difficult to describe a long kiss as it's so.. well... long. this definitely gives a flavour of such a kiss, very nicely done..bouquet bouquet bouquet
A moment I'm very much anticipating... kiss kiss
Oh! you 2 darlings may you both have Sunshine & Roses.Love is sweet when it is true.God bless you both.bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
Really happy you two are in love,but alittle TMI for me!!!!help Best wishes to you both..JGwave grin cheers
just wondering,how does it tasteconfused and with that long kiss,,have you manage to breathgrin aweet and wonderful kiss indeed fal,good onecheers heart wings
Just somethig remembers me...the same..
nice..I think you were in
niah9online today!
I hope it was all you hoped it would be FREE.....because that took some fore-thought, explaning in such initmate detail... doh applause niahpeace
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