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Missing a Friend

She said she loved me as a friend,
That she still cared for me.
But now the mail and messages,
Are few and far between.

Is it she fears I'm still in love,
And that for her I pine?
Thinking that by letting be,
She's only being kind?

We were good friends before we fell,
Just spoke of ev'rything,
Of art and beauty, poetry,
The gifts of life, the stings.

Yes life goes on, she has her own,
As I am leading mine.
So many things to do each day,
So very little time.

I hope someday that she will see,
This shouldn't have to end.
So we may chat from time to time,
A message, friend to friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
Ah well...

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Comments (8)

Sometimes in life people just quit all comunication with one, I think they feel bad for how things ended up and they don't leave that door to friendship open. Fear is actually an action word that often causes inaction bouquet
nice poem free, thanks for sharing...
Ferocious hard, that I know
maybe tis time to let go
battered innards inside to stow
where only you can quiet tip toe.
Thanks, Proud. Well said!
Thank you Ladybee, good to hear from you.
Thanks carol, nice little poem of you own there.
Emotion captured so well....nicely written my friend!
I would agree with Proud but I guess only the individual can own theat, but I enjoyed your writing and stirreed up a little forgotten or forgetting echo within myself, may my buddy Free still isn't completely.None the less great writecheers
Hi, freeatlast64847,
Lovers may come and go, but good friends are hard to come by and often approach lasting forever. The idealist in me wants to believe that it is possible. That said, it has to work for all involved. A very sweet message.
Love this free teddybear but I guess this is how you know if you were really friends to begin with..........?
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