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Real hunger clouds the judgement so,
All traps use tasty food as bait.
When love is what you hunger for,
It makes you rush when you should wait.

If lonliness brings hunger's pain,
You must beware the siren's song.
Don't let your need select for you,
The first one that should come along.

While tangled in love's tender trap,
With someone that is not your one,
You could miss one that better fits,
Your heart, when all is said and done.

My hunger for a love that's true,
Has led me often far astray,
So if I move too slow for you,
I strive to keep the wolf at bay.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
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Comments (6)

Wonderful, wise and well written. Healing self by teaching self!thumbs up
FAL, I like the way you think..idea yes it can be hard to tell the difference sometimes..but,if you step back just a can see more clearly!! nice work...JG...wave rose cartwheel dancing
Loved this poem, so true toocheers
Nice poem. You have it right. So true!
so true, sooooo true..., been there and done that too many times...
Thank you one and all for your encouragement! Truth is a tricky thing and love is even trickier...
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